Thursday, 30 July 2015

BC Parliament alight

On his tour of Canada Andrew mentions British Colombia's grand Parliament building but evidently he didn't get to see it lit up at night.

We visited Victoria, Vancouver Island a few days after Andrew and our hotel was adjacent to the Parliament grounds. Here is a photo I took of the building at night.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ruben Guthrie

An award winning advertising executive tries to win back his fiancee who has separated from him because of his alcoholism.

'Ruben Guthrie' is rather heavy going. A host of characters most with very little back story to engage your sympathies are also rather unpleasant to boot. The poster refers to this movie as a comedy but there are few laughs to be had and viewing Guthrie's battling efforts to mend his ways feels like a very long slog.

Rather ironically for a plot about an advertising executive, the film is littered with (not so) subtle images and references to sponsors' product.


Monday, 27 July 2015

Love and Information

(Sydney Theatre Company)
Just a day after seeing 'Detroit' and this time another play, or rather performance piece, without a plot; 'Love and Information'.

This performance piece comprises seven sections, each containing seven scenes. The sections must be performed in order but the scenes within them can be performed in any order. There are a further ten scenes of which at least one must be performed and an additional sixteen scenes all of which are optional. Therefore any performance will comprise a minimum of fifty-one scenes to a maximum of seventy-six.

The scenes are short lasting from only a handful of seconds through to the longest of several minutes. There is no common theme linking the scenes, no plot and some scenes have minimal dialogue. A cast of eight perform the roles, hundreds of them, all characters unnamed.

It is an innovative idea and proved far more interesting to view and listen to than I imagined from pre-reading the program notes.

This cast is to be congratulated for its expert handling of the roles, the swift scene changes and for instantly establishing numerous mood and emotional senses scene by scene.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Two couples, neighbours, socialise over barbecues. One couple are down at heels recovering addicts and the other are struggling with the husband having been retrenched.

This play of self discovery has virtually no plot and so seems aimless for most of its length. The four actors portraying the couple do a sterling job in the circumstances.


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Lincoln Place

An update of the Lincoln Place development next door.

16 May 2015